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Stefan de Villiers
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18 May 2017
4:00 pm

Family abandons home after ‘nightmare’ attack

Stefan de Villiers

Their electric fence was allegedly not working during the horrific ordeal.

Burger family.

A family of five has been forced to move out of its home hoping that this will ensure its safety, White River Post reports.

“They weren’t here to steal, they were here to harm us,” said the mother of the household, Ms Jolande Burger.

According to Mr Albert Gryvenstein of Bossies Community Justice (BCJ), who went to the scene with J&M Security and the police, the Burger family was attacked by two armed suspects.

“The suspects barged into our home just as my husband, Nokkie, got home after buying fuel for our generator. As soon as they entered, I knew that this was the end. Our one-year-old daughter was with my husband and as he was on his way to lock the door, our worst nightmare came true,” she said.

They forced him to the floor and tied him up in the living room while they held the couple’s other daughter and Jolande up in another. In an attempt to protect their one-year-old, Nokkie laid on top of her.

“The moment they separated us, was the worst part. I imagined how they would first rape, then kill my daughter. One suspect asked the other to hand him cable ties to tie me up. He declined and the other suspect approached me to do it himself,” she said.

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While they left Nokkie unattended, he managed to break the 10 millimetre-wide cable tie and went to the bedroom to fetch a shotgun, dragging their daughter along.

“I gave them my full cooperation. One of the two suspects repeatedly tried to hit me over the head with a pistol, but I blocked the blows. I tried to keep calm but one of them tried to take my four-year-old daughter, so I continued to fight back,” she said.

“The whole ordeal lasted about three minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Our generator had run out of fuel, so I told them that because our electric fence wasn’t working, J&M Security will be there to investigate. This made the already nervous attackers, even more edgy,” she said.

As soon as the attackers heard Nokkie load the shotgun, they made a run for it.

“While one turned to run, I tried to stab him with a screwdriver which I hid in my pocket, but only managed to graze him,” she said.

BCJ’s Mr Danie Theron followed the tracks which led to Dwaleni, but lost them between the houses.

Sergeant Cynthia Mbokodo, White River Police spokesman confirmed that no arrests have been made yet. Jolande can clearly remember that the one suspect wore blue trousers with a black and red top, while the other was wearing a blue overall.


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