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Tereasa Dias
1 minute read
23 May 2017
10:06 am

Two jewellery stores hit by armed robbers

Tereasa Dias

It is believed one shop's security system created smoke during the robbery to deter it.

Smoke created during the robbery. PHOTO: Supplied.

A jewellery store was robbed while another deterred the robbery at Riverside Mall yesterday at night in Mpumalanga, Lowvelder reports.

A witness recalled how 10 armed men wearing balaclavas entered the mall at about 6pm.

“I was in a nearby store when I saw the men running towards Arthur Kaplan and Browns Jewellers,” the witness said.

It is believed that the latter’s security system created smoke during the robbery, thus deterring it.

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Smashed glass

Smashed glass

“I heard numerous gunshots and saw how they hit the Browns’ security guard at the back of his head. They gained entrance to Arthur Kaplan, put the jewellery in a bag, then put it in a trolley and ran out the door. They took the guards wallet and cellphone before they fled. We saw two vehicles, a black Mercedes-Benz and a white Audi waiting for the suspects outside,” she said.

Both vehicles believed to have been used during the robbery were located near the Disaster Management Centre.

More updates will follow.


Gunmen rob jewellery store and hold manager at gunpoint

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