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Nkululeko Ncana
1 minute read
15 Jun 2017
5:45 am

Maphatsoe tries to unify the vets

Nkululeko Ncana

The MK national council’s steering committee has accused Maphatsoe holding a sham conference last weekend.

MKMVA president Kebby Maphatsoe and former president Jacob Zuma. Picture: Neil McCartney

Newly re-elected MKMVA (Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association) chairperson Kebby Maphatsoe is trying to get his leadership and the MK national council members to come to a working agreement.

The MK national council’s steering committee has accused Maphatsoe of dividing the ANC’s military veterans wing and holding a sham conference last weekend.

Maphatsoe said that he pleaded with former deputy defence minister Thabang Makwetla during an informal conversation for the two groups to resolve their differences.

“The meeting needs to happen sooner rather than later,” said Maphatsoe.

Makwetla is part of the MK national council along with former defence chief General Siphiwe Nyanda. The group refused to attend last week’s MKMVA national conference where Maphatsoe was yet again elected as its leader.

The conference went ahead despite concerns that it was unconstitutional. Several officials in Maphatsoe’s leadership distanced themselves at the last minute.

Nyanda and Makwetla said in a statement: “This so-called conference was convened in violation of, among others, some of the basic constitutional requirements governing MKMVA conferences, which Mr Maphatsoe claims to champion.

“This stage-managed gathering is intended to perpetuate unaccountability and corruption in the name of Umkhonto weSizwe.”

The council said it would resume preparations for an “all-inclusive national conference” at the end of August.