Richard Nkosi
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15 Jun 2017
11:48 am

Strange, semi-naked man scares residents

Richard Nkosi

The owner of the yard the man was found in says a traditional healer had told him whoever was behind his recent misfortunes would soon be seen in public.

The man was rescued by police.

According to Themba Mbokane, owner of the house, he was awoken after hearing footsteps and funny noises outside his yard at Ex 10 in Emjindini, in Mpumalanga, Barberton Times reports.

“When I peeked through a window, I saw something walking next to my car, which walked like a four-legged animal. When I took a closer look, I realised it was a human being. What looked surprising was the way he was walking,” said Mbokane.

Mbokane said he then rushed out to wake his neighbours to come and witness what he was seeing.

“When we questioned the man, he told us that he fell from a skin he was travelling with. He said he was there in my yard looking for it,” added Mbokane.

He said he did not know the man, but some residents who had gathered around his home said he was from Bourhill, a settlement near Emjindini Trust who claimed he was a witch.

When spoken to, he could not respond and was chewing tree leaves.

Some residents who had gathered around the Mbokane’s yard suggested for the man to be beaten so that he can tell the truth as to what he was doing there.

The suspected witch was rescued by police.

The suspected witch was rescued by police.

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According to Mbokane, for the past few months, his life has been clouded with misfortune.

“Few months ago I was bitten by a snake here in my house. Recently, a swarm of bees nearly stung me here in my yard. Just last week, I was stabbed in the hands by some violent thugs. And while I was driving myself to Barberton General Hospital to get medical attention, I got into an unusual car accident. My car bonnet opened while the car was in motion and cracked my front windscreen, before colliding with another vehicle as I could not see where the car was moving to,” said Mbokane.

He said after all these incidents, he consulted a traditional doctor about all the misfortunes.

“The traditional doctor told me that everyone who was behind my misfortune will be seen in public. I don’t know if this man is the one behind all my troubles or not. I’m not saying he is practising witchcraft, but one is an African with many beliefs,” he said.

Police came to the man’s rescue. They took him to Barberton General Hospital for mental observation. Captain Jabu Ndubane, Barberton police spokesperson, said no case was opened.


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