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Marnelle Greyling
3 minute read
19 Jul 2017
4:48 pm

SPCA lays animal cruelty charges against security companies

Marnelle Greyling

This after the body of a dead security dog was recently discovered at the Waterfall Valley Mature Lifestyle Estate.

The Midrand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has laid charges of animal cruelty against seven Arrows security and Canine solutions.

The National Council for SPCA (NSPCA) has welcomed the animal cruelty charges laid against both seven Arrows Security and Canine Solutions, Fourways Review reported.

After the body of a dead security dog was recently discovered at the Waterfall Valley Mature Lifestyle Estate the Midrand SPCA laid charges against the two companies involved.

The postmortem results of the deceased dog, Zeppy, showed that the dog died from pneumonia.

The NSPCA is currently studying the postmortem results and veterinary reports.

According to NSPCA special projects unit manager Meg Wilson, 7 Arrows said – before the charges were laid – that they would donate R20 000 to the Midrand SPCA to do regular inspections.

“While it is the mandate of the SPCA to conduct proactive inspections to ensure that the welfare of service animals is not compromised, [we want to stress] that the responsibility for the well-being of animals in their care lies with the security companies. 7 Arrows Security is, of course, free to financially support whoever they wish.”

Samantha Straub from Canine Solutions previously told Fourways Review: “Our contract with all of our clients state that they are responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of the dogs which include feeding, grooming, cleaning of the kennels, reporting of any issues with the dogs and patrolling with the dogs.”

Security dogs who belong to Canine Solutions and are used by 7 Arrows Security, allegedly live in dirty kennels.

Yvonne Fulton, a concerned Fourways resident, who has been involved in the training of guard dogs most of her life said, “Canine Solutions assured me a few years ago that they would attend to any matter of animal suffering or cruelty and now it seems that nothing has been done.”

Elyse Golovey of 7 Arrows said, “As a company of animal lovers 7Arrows took great pride in the way we treated our canine companions. The death of Zeppy has shown us that this was not enough. We have learned from this and will put significant effort into improving the lives of our partners that can’t speak for themselves.

“A code of conduct relating to the care of dogs has been displayed prominently and all dog handlers are now undergoing [new] training. A new kennel master will be appointed, and all efforts to care for these dogs will be doubled when they are returned to the site.”

Bags of faeces at the security dogs’ kennels in the Waterfall Valley Mature Lifestyle Estate at gate five.

Wilson added, “the NSPCA is opposed to any practice where animals are exposed to unnecessary suffering and calls upon members of the public to report animal neglect and abuse.”

Wilson also mentioned that the Bloemfontein SPCA confiscated 13 dogs, also owned by Canine Solutions. “The dogs were found to be living in extremely poor and dirty conditions. The Bloemfontein SPCA laid criminal charges of animal cruelty against the companies. These charges are still pending,” said Wilson.

Canine Solutions refused to comment on the allegations.

Rooney, one of the dogs from the Canine Solutions grounds.

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