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Allan Troskie
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21 Jul 2017
10:07 am

Armed men hit two Westbrook homes in broad daylight

Allan Troskie

The suspects ransacked a house before heading to another home and repeating the act.

Image credit: Able Stock

A gardener was held up at gunpoint and a domestic worker tied up and locked in the bathroom during a house robbery in Acacia Crescent, Westbrook, in KwaZulu-Natal.

The suspects ransacked the house before heading to another home and repeating the act on Thursday, North Coast Courier reported.

The gardener was severely shaken up by the experience, originally claimed that he was held up by five armed men.

However, Alpha Security’s Rex Hunt told The Courier that video footage reviewed after the fact indicated that one, possibly two, men were involved in the robberies.

“The men appeared to have approached the home rather calmly before holding up the gardener at gunpoint and tying him up. They then went to raid the main building and three flats on the property.”

Laptops, TVs and other electronic items were taken.

The brazen robbers then headed up the road and targeted a second home where they tied up the domestic worker and locked her in the bathroom before proceeding to steal TV’s jewellery and other items.

According to CERT Emergency Response’s Nazir Sadack the robbers fled in a white Mercedes Vito with an unknown registration number.

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