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Bianca Pindral
1 minute read
26 Jul 2017
4:55 pm

WATCH: Robbers with automatic rifles hit in broad daylight

Bianca Pindral

The video shows a man grabbing a woman companion and pulling her away from the attackers to keep her from getting shot.

A screenshot of the video. Notice the man (top left corner) with the automatic rifle.

A video from EPR West Rand’s Facebook page has emerged showing an armed robbery involving two motorists on Commissioner Street yesterday, July 25, at about 9am, Krugersdorp News reports.

The video shows a parked vehicle in front of a jewellery store and a woman getting out of it from the passenger side.

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She seems to notice a vehicle coming towards her and shouts to another person still inside the car. A man also gets out of the vehicle at the passenger side, and once out, a second vehicle crash-parks parallel to the parked vehicle.

The man walks around the vehicle to confront the driver of the second car, but turns around and runs when he sees two armed men getting out.


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– Caxton News Service

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