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Stefan de Villiers
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14 Aug 2017
9:46 am

10-year-old girl shot after being ‘mistaken’ for burglar

Stefan de Villiers

The girl was with another minor when they gained access to the suspect's home.

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A 10-year-old girl had to be rushed to hospital after she was allegedly mistaken for a burglar and shot in the arm in Kanyamazane, Mpumalanga, Lowvelder reports.

According to provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, the owner of the house said he was awakened by a strange noise in his house and went to investigate.

“He saw two shadows, and was unaware that it was that of the 10-year-old, accompanied by an eight-year-old boy who had somehow gained entry to his home,” said Hlathi.

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He fired two shots with his pistol, after which he heard the unmistakable voice of a minor, begging for mercy. He switched on the light, and confronted them to find out what they were doing in his house and how they gained entry.

“He, however, then discovered that the girl was bleeding, and immediately notified the police as well as emergency medical services,” said Hlathi.

She was taken to hospital, and police are now investigating a case of attempted murder.


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