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Samantha Traill
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22 Aug 2017
11:58 am

Man arrested after axing friend, causing series of accidents while fleeing

Samantha Traill

Once cornered, the suspect ran into the river, and kept on screaming: 'Shoot me, shoot me!'

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A young man was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly struck his roommate in the head with an axe, then fleeing in a vehicle and causing two accidents in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, Witbank News reports.

Jeffrey Bydawell alleged he was at home with his friend.

Bydawell then decided to go back to his study to use the computer, and when he walked in, he noticed there was an empty glass standing next to the computer.

He then called for his friend to come and remove the glass, as he was the one who normally left crockery lying around.

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His friend came into the study and took the glass, and as he did so, he hit Bydawell over the head with the glass. As Bydawell tried to stand up to leave the room, his friend then ran to the door and grabbed an axe.

He then started hitting Bydawell with the axe. He was hit three times and then fell down again.

Luckily, Bydawell’s brother came into the study and stopped the friend from further attacking his brother.

The friend then left the room, grabbed his car keys and left the house.

Bydawell, who was bleeding profusely, was taken to hospital by his brother, and was treated and his head stitched up.

While Bydawell was being treated, his friend was busy fleeing on Old Middelburg Road towards Middelburg.

As the friend was fleeing, he caused an accident by hitting a car that belonged to a member of the Community Policing Forum (CPF).

The chase continued deeper into Middelburg, by Mhluzi, where he then caused the second accident.

The traffic department was following the car and closing in on him before he came to a stop near a river and jumped out of the car.

He ran into the river, and kept on screaming: “Shoot me, shoot me!”

The man was arrested on the scene, and will appear in court on Tuesday, August 15.

Bydawell refused to comment about the incident, and said his friend still remains his friend.


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– Caxton News Service

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