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Allan Troskie
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4 Sep 2017
3:21 pm

Burglar caught up a tree in KZN

Allan Troskie

One of the burglars was caught with the stolen property.

Two burglars were caught in the act in the early hours of the morning in Shortens Estate today, just outside Ballito, North Coast Courier reports.

Shortly after 3am, an unarmed Marshall Security guard patrolling the estate spotted two men carrying goods from one of the homes and trying to push them underneath the fence.

Marshall Security sent reaction officers to the estate to catch the thieves.

The criminals reportedly broke a bathroom window to gain access to the house.

After a thorough search of the estate, one man was caught halfway up a tree as he attempted to get over the security fence – stolen laptop still in hand! He was apprehended by Marshall Security and handed over to Umhlali police.

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The other thief managed to elude capture.

“A Samsung smartphone, a pair of hiking boots, which were later recovered on the estate, and the laptop found in the man’s possession were all confirmed to have been stolen from the house,” said Marshall Security’s Kyle van Reenen.

Shelly Stanley, chairperson of the Shortens’ board of trustees, expressed their thanks to Marshall Security for the swift response.

“Thanks to everyone from Marshall, specifically the guard who spotted the thieves. It is very reassuring to know we have such capable people looking after us.”


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– Caxton News Service

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