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Gopolang Moloko
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10 Sep 2017
5:23 pm

Private parts not private at mall

Gopolang Moloko

The victim said the perpetrator shockingly reached for his privates and grabbed them.

Sexual assault

A bizarre encounter with would-be criminals, has a man appealing to the public to be vigilant in Johannesburg, Southern Courier reports.

A man’s privates were grabbed at the Southdale Shopping center’s parking lot.

The man who asked to remain anonymous because of public humiliation, said he wanted to warn other motorists and shoppers to be aware.

The victim said it all happened very fast and thinks that had he not screamed, the culprits would have harmed him.

He said a tall man walked towards him and greeted him as though he knew him. The victim said he was concerned at the boldness of the perpetrator still continuing to pretend he knew him despite the fact that he told him he did not know him.

The victim said the perpetrator reached for his privates and grabbed them.

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In shock and in a state of disbelief the victim shouted, “What are you doing” and the culprit let go after a failed attempt to unbuckle his belt.

He said the culprit let go and quickly walked away towards a car that had two other men inside. They quickly sped off.

Surprised by what happened, the victim said he questioned the motive behind the incident.

He said he strongly suspected the perpetrator was planning on unzipping his pants but failed. The victim suspected the culprit wanted to grab his testicles and squeeze them for him to pass out enabling the trio to rob him of his belongings.

Southdale Shopping Centre confirmed a complaint had not been lodged with management and there was no report of the matter and the victim also never reported the incident to the police.

Centre manager Les Herman said he had investigated the facts and was advised that no report was made to their security.

In a statement Herman said he welcomed any query about any matter that involved Southdale Shopping Centre.


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