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Samantha Traill
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5 Oct 2017
4:44 pm

Man shot four times, survives

Samantha Traill

Suspects fled the scene with large amounts of money and cigarettes.


Six armed men entered a shack and opened fire on Monday evening, and one person who was shot four times survived in Old Coronation, Mpumalanga, Witbank News reports.

Mario Limeme, owner of a tuck shop on the property alleged he was in his room with five other people who share the accommodation in a yard in Old Coronation.

While Limeme was sleeping he heard noise, and when he looked outside, he noticed six suspects stripping the shack next door, taking one zinc sheet at a time.

They then broke the garage door down, which lead the suspects to Limeme and the other five men. All the other men in the room woke up. A fight started inside the room as they tried to get rid of the suspects. The other men inside the room then saw a gap and ran away, leaving Limeme inside the room alone.

As Limeme sat in the room, the suspects started searching the room for money and cellphones. That is when one of the suspects asked Limeme for the money from the shop.

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Limeme without hesitation took the suspect to the shop where he kept the money and handed it over to him. While in the shop, the suspect took an undisclosed amount of airtime and cigarettes.

Before Limeme could leave the shop the suspect armed with a firearm, shot him in the left arm, twice in the right leg and in his back.

With a loaded duffel bag, the six suspects ran off into the dark, leaving the seriously injured Limeme inside the shop.

“I was so afraid that they were going to kill me,” Limeme said.

Hours later, Limeme woke up in the casualty unit at Witbank Provincial Hospital, where his gunshot wounds were treated. He was admitted into hospital, and was discharged on Tuesday.

“I still feel a lot of pain in my left arm, all the other wounds are fine,” continued Limeme.


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– Caxton News Service

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