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Roelien Vorster
3 minute read
23 Oct 2017
4:59 pm

Security guard helps schoolgirl give birth

Roelien Vorster

It’s not every day that a security guard’s skills are put to the test, but for Jimmy Motswatswa, a security guard in Radiokop, last week Monday was special.

With much enthusiasm, Jimmy Motswatswa pantomimed what happened that day. Picture: Roelien Vorster.

Jimmy can be hailed a hero after he helped a schoolgirl give birth to a healthy baby girl on her way to school on the West Rand, Roodepoort Northsider reports

With much enthusiasm, 40-year-old Jimmy pantomimed what had happened.

The EC Security guard at Caprivi Complex said the Toyota Avanza was on its normal route picking up school learners.

“The driver called me over and as I got there, he said a girl was in pain and he needed my help. So I walked over to the passenger side and tapped the girl on her shoulder, and asked her what was wrong,” Jimmy said.

The girl was in severe pain and told Jimmy her stomach ached.

“She was screaming in pain. I said I will go get her some water because I drink water if I don’t feel well. She screamed again and rolled over in the seat, facing backwards with her knees on the seat.”

Jimmy said he was very confused and didn’t know what to do.

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“The next minute she screamed that the baby was coming. Eish, the next minute the baby was there. I took my jacket off to wrap it around the baby because, you know, it is warm inside the womb and now it is cold outside.”

Jimmy said, although he has two children, he panicked and started to knock on the doors of the Caprivi residents.

“There was no response so I went back outside and started to pray that someone must come help me. Eish, you know, my prayers were answered because a resident, who is also a nurse, drove through the gates. I told her madam, please, you must help me to help the girl who just had a baby because I don’t know what else to do.

“I told her the situation was very bad because I don’t know about things like the umbilical cord and other birth-related things. But she knew what to do,” Jimmy said.

He said the driver in the meantime called the parents of the girl and told them about the situation.

“The driver said the parents did not know their daughter was pregnant, and they were very upset. The woman called for an ambulance, but they took a long time to arrive.”

Jimmy has a special message to the mother and the baby and to the new grandparents:

Jimmy’s face lit up when he spoke about the baby.

“Eish, it is a beautiful baby. I called the baby Caprivi because she was born here. Both mother and baby are fine, but I don’t know what she called her baby,” he said with a smile.

“I am very happy that I could help this girl. I did not only save the baby’s life, but hers too. I feel good.”

The CEO of EC Security, Eugene Coetzee, said they were extremely proud of how Jimmy responded to this emergency.

“He did not hesitate to get involved. He is a true example of our sincere commitment to our community.”


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– Caxton News Service

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