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Gosebo Mathope
2 minute read
27 Dec 2017
12:29 pm

‘Racist’ guest lodge in Hartbeespoort raises the ire of South Africans on Twitter

Gosebo Mathope

While most agreed the business is thriving because it is supported by racists, another asked why black people don't support black businesses.

After several black callers told 702 host Chris Vick a guest lodge called Zanandi based in Hartbeespoort just outside Brits in North West is turning away black clients, social media began exposing the establishment.

The callers spoke of how when they make bookings, the exclusionary apartheid-era policy is not explained, but once they arrive at the venue they are told of the ‘right of reservation’ rule and bluntly told black people are not allowed in.

It was reported when the producers of the show attempted to call the establishment to give them a right to reply on the allegations of practising blatant racism, they dropped the call when realizing it was a radio station calling them.

This did not do the business any good at all as those with anecdotes and those infuriated with the alleged racism openly practiced by Zanandi took to twitter to express their outrage and #ZanandiMustFall was activated pronto.

A user was not surprised that such an establishment exists and said ‘only racist South Africans will support it.’ The caller added that it would have ceased to exist and customers would have shunned it if racism was non existent.

Those who have been turned away at this establishment were encouraged to contact the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)

Some had views that have no place in modern society.

Questions were raised about why the black people who were turned away did not simply support other businesses.

When it became apparent the owner had either changed his number of attempted to go underground, those who work for telecommunications were requested to share the new number, should he acquire one.

Radio host Chris Vick broke down the issue for those arguing that this is not strictly racism.

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