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Gosebo Mathope
2 minute read
18 Feb 2018
3:00 pm

Carl Niehaus: NDZ is not planning on quitting politics

Gosebo Mathope

Niehaus is unhappy the information was attributed to 'ANC sources' and said he is 'disgusted' as Dlamini-Zuma was not contacted.

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is a frontrunner for the ANC presidency. PHOTO: Motshwari Mofokeng/ANA PHOTO

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is not planning to quit politics or to decline an offer for public office, according to former campaign manager Carl Niehaus who spoke to The Citizen this afternoon.

Neihaus said he is “disgusted” that the Sunday Times and The Citizen had not bothered to check the veracity of claims made against the former AU chairperson and minister of home affairs before publishing the story.

The Sunday Times wrote that the information was obtained from ‘ANC sources’ while The Citizen reported on the claims contained in the Sunday Times report.

He said the Sunday Times has lost credibility primarily because of how it previously conducted itself in relations to articles it wrote about the failed ANC presidential hopeful, to an extent that she has had to resort to the Press Ombudsman to force the paper to make retractions on inaccurate stories it had published.

A Twitter account that appears to belong to Dlamiin-Zuma also responded to the allegations in an exchange with SABC UN correspondent Sherwin Bryce-Pease in which it denied the reports that she is fed-up with politics.

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“Fake news. Imagine crossing boarders by foot to join arms struggle as a teenager then all of a sudden be too tired of Parliament? Never. I don’t quit. Also, these journalists were with me in Parliament on Friday, why didn’t they simply ask me to fact check?” the tweet stated.

The media statement, which Niehaus emphasised  was issued by Dlamini-Zuma herself and that MKMVA supported her during her campaign and continued to do so,  said “Dr Dlamini Zuma is full of energy and is neither resigning nor fatigued.”

“Dr Dlamini Zuma refutes false claims on her fatigue and resignation. Dr Dlamini Zuma vehemently denies false and fake news reports  on her fatigue and resignation from the South African Parliament as contained in the Sunday Times and other publications reports of 18 February 2018.

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“Dr Dlamini Zuma has also noted with displeasure the several fake news stories carried by the publication in the past, some of which have received a sanction against the publication from the Press Ombudsman. Her appeal is that in conducting its duties the publication should in the least do so in a balanced manner and offer her the right to response at a minimum.

“Dr Dlamini Zuma wishes to emphasise that she remains at the service of South Africa as a member of the South African parliament, and no fake news will dissuade her from her duties. Dr Dlamini Zuma remains a loyal member of the ANC collective as a branch, NEC and NWC member and no mischievous attempts of wedge driving will persuade her out of the movement she has dedicated all her life to,” the statement said.