Gosebo Mathope
1 minute read
19 Mar 2018
4:45 pm

Only one black female helicopter pilot in SA

Gosebo Mathope

And of a total of 3 839 Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence holders - the licence required to command large commercial aircraft - only 17 are Black women.

The South African aviation industry is battling with transformation.

Director of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Poppy Khoza today told the media at a networking session that in the helicopter Airline Pilot’s Licence category, there was only one black female licence-holder.

Khoza said there were neither Coloured nor Indian women with a helicopter Airline Transport Licence in South Africa.

“As at the end of the 2016/17 financial year, the total number of South African licensed personnel was 33 452. Cabin crew members excluded, the number came to 17 622.

“The combined total of African, Coloured, and Indian men and women was 1 461. Women of all races was 1 530. There were 3 839 Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence holders, which is the highest category of Pilot Licences [and is required to command large commercial aircraft]. Only 17 Black women, i.e. four Coloured, five Indian, and eight African,” Khoza told the media.

The industry had 33 000 registered personnel flying about 13 000 registered aircraft with graduates churned out by about 271 flying schools.

The country has about 494 maintenance organisations, 238 air operator certificate holders, 110 domestic airports, 10 international airports, 52 foreign airlines operating from inside the country and eight local airlines.

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