Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
17 Jan 2019
1:06 pm

AKA suggests ‘apartheid billboard’ to DA

Gopolang Moloko

The rapper sparked a debate on Twitter and many contradicting opinions have formed between users.

Local rapper AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, has caused trouble on social media after posting a seemingly anti-DA comment.

After the Democratic Alliance unveiled a giant billboard with names of people who died in the Marikana massacre and the Life Esidimeni tragedy, AKA asked: “What if we printed the names of all the people who died under apartheid and put that on a billboard?”

It’s still unclear what the artist’s intent was by the question but he did get a like from ANC election head Fikile Mbalula.

Twitter users agreed and disagreed with AKA’s jab at the DA.

Nkanyiso Ngqulunga said: “Does that justify ANC idiosyncrasies and heinous crimes? Marikana Massacre was proven by Farlam commission that Ramaphosa used his influence to call for ‘Concomitant action’ against poor miners… How many people die in SA because of state violence under ANC government?”

Some agreed with AKA.

Tshepo Kelefetswe on Twitter agreed with AKA’s sentiment: “The DA needs to focus on convincing voters to vote for them based on how to improve their socioeconomic well-being instead of focusing on the ANC.”

Kelefetswe appears to share the same opinion as the ANC, which claimed the DA’s billboard exposed their own bankrupt politics and desperation.

The ruling party said the DA’s “ANC is killing SA” billboard showed the levels of desperation the party had fallen to. “This is a party whose politics have become toxic, who believe that fear mongering and spreading lies will frighten voters to support them at the upcoming elections.”

They were concerned the conduct of the DA “flies in the face of the Electoral Code of Conduct as it was nothing short of spreading deliberate lies about” the ANC.

“The ANC will take up the matter in the appropriate forums provided for in the country’s electoral laws.”

Reports indicate that some of the families of the victims of the Life Esidimeni saga were not happy by the names of their late relatives being printed on the DA’s billboard.

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