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30 Jan 2019
1:08 pm

Agrizzi better than ‘millions’ of racists in ‘denial’, says Mpofu

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The EFF chairperson feels the first step towards 'recovering' is accepting one is a racist.

Advocate Dali Mpofu at the EFF Election Manifesto launch. Picture: EFF Website.

EFF chairperson Dali Mpofu took to Twitter to express his view that by admitting to racism, former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi was “many steps ahead” of “millions” of South Africans who were racists, but in “denial”.

“An alcoholic will never recover until he says, ‘I am an alcoholic’,” Mpofu continued.

Preempting the backlash he may receive for defending the former COO, who was caught on tape using the ‘k-word’ several times, Mpofu was quick to add a caveat.

After expressing his view that Agrizzi was “ahead” of unrepentant racists, he added: “Now let’s condemn him,” calling him a “criminal”, “racist”, and “bloody &$#*”.

Despite this, Black First Land First (BLF) slammed his tweet from their official account.

“Imagine a Jew congratulating a Nazi for admitting that they hate Jews? The self-hate amongst black people is unbelievable!” the party said.

At the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday, former COO of hugely controversial facilities management company Bosasa Angelo Agrizzi admitted to racism.

Audio in which Agrizzi is heard using the “k-word” was first leaked and reported on late last year by City Press, before the former COO was the household name he has now become following his ongoing testimony at the commission.

Agrizzi claimed the slur was said at a meeting which took place at his house between himself and family members of former Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson. He also claimed they coaxed him into saying what he did in the clip, recording it purposefully to discredit him.

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He said he was ”half asleep” during the meeting with Watson’s brother Jarred, who brought along Gavin’s two children, Lindsay and Roth. Agrizzi told the commission he had earlier consumed alcohol after working through the night.

Evidence leader Paul Pretorius said the commission’s legal team described Agrizzi’s utterances in the clip as ”nakedly racist and grossly offensive”.

As the commission began to play the clip, Agrizzi expressed his embarrassment.

“I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself,” he said. “I am a racist, I agree.”

(Compiled by Daniel Friedman. Additional reporting by ANA)

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