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13 Feb 2019
4:58 pm

IN TWEETS: What the heck is the Men’s Conference?

Citizen Reporter

'Men's Conference' is a three-day-long, imaginary conference developed to help boyfriends and husbands across South Africa avoid celebrating Valentine's Day.

An agenda for the fictitious conference | Image: Twitter

Despite the fact that it is among the top trending topics in the country, very few people seem to actually know what the Men’s Conference is.

What little we have been able to glean shows that is a three-day long, imaginary conference set to take place from the 14th of February 2019 to the 16th and has been developed as a means to help boyfriends and husbands across South Africa avoid doing something nice for those they claim to love.

However, not knowing what a trending topic is about has never stopped anybody from participating in it and that is exactly what happened when South African social media users took to Twitter to weigh in on the Men’s Conference.

They shared their thoughts on everything from the event’s agenda and menu to the official activities. Take a look.

Some women who have caught on to the reasons for the trend aren’t taking to kindly to the ploy to dodge Valentine’s Day.

There are those who refused to participate however, citing the reason that they are happily in love.

Considering how thoroughly South African Twitter users planned an imaginary event, one can only wonder what they would be capable of if they had the funds to plan a real one.

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(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho)

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