Chante' Ho Hip
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16 Nov 2019
1:53 pm

Belgrave bridge in Bryanston claims another vehicle

Chante' Ho Hip

The bridge is a source of immense frustration for Bryanston residents, who say only one vehicle can cross it at a time.

A vehicle sits in the Braamfontein Spruit after it slipped off the Belgrave Bridge. Photo: Supplied

A vehicle has once again found itself in the Braamfontein Spruit after slipping off the Belgrave low-water bridge, reports Sandton Chronicle.

This particular bridge in Bryanston is well known for making headlines on a yearly basis due to heavy flooding.

According to the Bryanston East Community Forum chairperson Ian Tumiel, the bridge has become a perennial problem.

The Belgrave Bridge is notorious for flooding each year. Photo: File

“Only one vehicle can cross at a time and it causes delays and frustration.”

On November 6, a vehicle fell into the river on its roof as the driver allegedly tried to jump his turn.

Bryanston resident Raffaella Ruttell, who lives about 1km away, said it can often take a car more than 20 minutes to cross the causeway.

“The traffic crosses one car at a time from either side – it is the most painful process to watch,” Ruttell said.

“The solution is simple – I proposed that they should put up a road/street sign that informs drivers to cross the causeway two cars at a time, both going in the same direction. This will cut the traffic congestion in half.

“It would probably help to have a pointsman there in the morning and afternoon for about a month to ‘train’ motorists on what to do and to change the behaviour.”

Tumiel added that the community forum did, in fact, put up signs on numerous occasions.

“A few years ago, we put up signs asking drivers to allow three cars to cross at a time as this greatly reduces waiting time during peak hours. However, someone kept taking these down,” Tumiel explained.

Ruttell concluded, “It probably sounds like a ridiculous issue but it has a huge impact on traffic flow and time wasted whilst waiting to cross the causeway.”

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