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19 Nov 2019
6:51 pm

Sandton Skye upgrades security measures after assault on woman

News24 Wire

'We condemn violence of any kind, and particularly gender-based violence,' trustee George Sinovich said.

Picture: Screenshot of a video taken after an assault at Sandton Skye, Johannesburg.

Management at the plush Sandton Skye apartments has upgraded security measures following a violent incident at its premises which went viral on social media on November 10.

“We have changed to a smaller, more responsive security company (which includes armed response on site, as well as a car positioned at the entrance). A FaceSentry biometric system will now be installed. This will scan residents and guests as they move through the common areas,” the Trustees and the body corporate said in a statement to News24 on Tuesday.

“A SNIPR number plate scanning system will also be installed. This will further improve the monitoring/controls around guests’ movements into and within the building, as well as our identification systems. We are investigating further security measures to ensure safety of all residence and visitors,” the statement adds.

This comes after a woman was allegedly assaulted with a wine bottle in one of the rooms at the luxury apartments.

A video went viral on social media the following Monday morning of paramedics attending to the victim. She appeared to be lifeless on the ground, lying on a bloody floor laced with broken glass.

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The apartments were in the news in 2017 when Sandile Mantsoe murdered Karabo Mokoena at the premises, and later disposed of her body.

“We condemn violence of any kind, and particularly gender-based violence. We are devastated that two young women with their lives ahead of them have been victims of violence at Sandton Skye,” trustee George Sinovich said.

The body corporate further confirmed that an incident did take place in the early hours of Sunday morning [November 10], and that the man alleged to have been involved fled the scene before paramedics and local authorities arrived. The victim was taken to hospital.

“We send her our wishes for a full recovery from her injuries, but we realise that the effects of such trauma will be felt for a long time. We are so very sorry that she experienced this while visiting Sandton Skye apartments,” the statement reads.

In a bid to enhance security features at the apartments, management has also taken a decision to move away from using multiple letting agents, and using one booking agency in order to augment the controls already in place.

“As the Trustees and Body Corporate of Sandton Skye, we will do everything we can to ensure our residents’ safety. And we will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement to bring perpetrators of violence and those who endanger residents and guests at Sandton Skye to justice,” the statement concludes.

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