Chante' Ho Hip
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14 Feb 2020
1:05 pm

Sandton businessman accused of being in sex clip to sue Twitter users who implicated him

Chante' Ho Hip

A Sandton businessman is set to take legal action after being falsely identified in an X-rate video clip which surfaced on social media.

File image: iStock

Sandton businessman and managing director of Fieldstone Africa, Zahed Sibda, has denied reports that he is the man identified in a recent x-rated clip which surfaced on social media on 7 February, reports Sandton Chronicle.

The clip showed two individuals engaging in an intimate liaison in an office, completely unaware that people in the street and in the building adjacent had a clear view. One of the spectators posted a 43-second video on Twitter and soon enough, social media users were eager to identify both individuals.

In a statement released on behalf of Sibda and Fieldstone Africa, Vally Chagan and Associates stated that both parties have been made aware of the videos which are “falsely rumoured to depict Mr Sibda and were said to be located at the offices of Fieldstone”, the statement read.

While Fieldstone has denied claims that the video clips were taken at its offices or that it involved any of its employees, legal representatives are working to identify the online accounts which falsely accused Sibda and the firm.

“These videos are categorically not linked to our client, being neither located at the building at which our client is housed nor is Mr Sibda the person in the video.”

The legal representatives added that anyone found to have linked Sibda and Fieldstone to the video were guilty of criminal offences of crimen injuria and criminal defamation and they may be liable for monetary damages.

“Our clients view this matter as an extremely serious one and will not hesitate in pursuing legal action against any offenders, however large in number they may be found to be,” the statement concluded.

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