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19 Oct 2020
8:29 pm

Eskom whistleblower writes open letter to De Ruyter

Citizen Reporter

She has called on De Ruyter to 'formally and publicly' demonstrate gratitude to whistleblowers who helped the power utility by actively employing them 

Bianca Goodson. Twitter.

Former CEO of Gupta-linked Trillian Management Consulting, Bianca Goodson, has written an open letter to Eskom CEO André de Ruyter asking him to consider donating a fraction of the funds received through litigation to whistleblowers.

This, because they lost more than Eskom in an effort to progress the power utility, she said.

Goodson is one of the people who exposed irregularities in Eskom’s contract with McKinsey & Co. However, she says life has not been easy for her and other whistleblowers since.

She said: “The trauma of state capture led to my divorce leading to two outcomes; I was able to dedicate myself to support Law enforcement, and I started treatment for PTSD.

“Regardless of my weak mental state, I supported Bowman’s in their efforts to reclaim funds from McKinsey and Trillian with success. Again, I spent many hours trawling through data, compiling affidavits and attending consultations.

“Through all of my actions which I have honestly done because I know that its simply the right thing to do, I remained unemployed, traumatised by my loss (divorce and my career) and am on the road to recovery from PTSD. Financially, I had to release my pension to support my daughter and I as I had no other source of income over these years. I sought no gains from helping this country and particularly, Eskom.”

Now she is calling on De Ruyter to “formally and publicly” thank whistleblowers who helped the power utility by actively employing them

“From my experience, becoming a whistleblower has been a full-time job in supporting the various investigative efforts, alas without the remuneration.”

Read her full letter here

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