Sipho Mabena
Premium Journalist
4 minute read
23 Apr 2021
11:53 am

Joburg’s insourced guards included rapists, thieves and murderers

Sipho Mabena

According to a report, no vetting was done prior to the guards' appointments.

Scores of Joburg's insourced security guards were found to have criminal records for a range of serious crimes. Picture: iStock

  Former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba’s insourcing of security guards in 2018 has seemingly blown up in his face, after 182 guards were dismissed when it was found they had criminal records including murder, rape and assault. The Citizen previously reported how a group of security guards insourced by former mayor Mashaba in 2018 have been without work for almost two years. According to a report from the city’s group forensic investigation service (GFIS) which The Citizen has seen, vetting was conducted on 2,952 insourced security guards and 223 results were received, resulting in the dismissal of 182 guards. Also...