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26 Apr 2021
4:56 am

Let’s not allow Covid-19 to become our new malaria


The good news that SA is on track to eradicate the transmission of malaria should spur us into greater action in our fight against Covid-19.

Picture: iStock

  It’s often a question in quizzes: What’s the most deadly animal in Africa? Many people get it wrong – because it’s not an elephant, lion or even the fierce hippo…it’s the anopheles mosquito. That’s because it’s a carrier of malaria, which kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide annually – the majority of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, on World Malaria Day yesterday, we got the good news that the disease is being pushed back with vigour in South Africa. We appear to be on track to eliminate transmission of the disease by 2023, according to the Director of...