Sipho Mabena
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15 May 2021
7:29 am

EC businessman fakes it, so others can make it

Sipho Mabena

When he was first sent to Tanzania to study orthotics and prosthetics, Ncedo Ludada didn't even know what it was. Now he's changing thousands of lives with his creations.

Ncedo Ludada putting the final touches on one of his prosthetics. Picture: Supplied

Growing up in the impoverished village of Ntlaza in the Eastern Cape, Ncedo Ludada wanted to be a civil engineer, designing and building mega structures such as roads, bridges, buildings, airports, tunnels and dams. “It is something I never imagined I would end up doing but here I am, changing people’s lives,” the 37 year old said. It all started in 2004, when Ludada found himself on a flight to Tanzania as part of a group selected by the  department of health to study medical orthotics and prosthetics at Tumaini University in Moshi Town. “I did not even understand what...