Cheryl Kahla
Deputy Online News Editor
1 minute read
7 Jun 2021
9:51 am

Covid-19 protocols: Sama ‘not seeing evidence of compliance’

Cheryl Kahla

Call on the public to adhere to regulations after high examples of non-compliance.

A man receives a jab containing Pfizer vaccine from a healthcare worker at the Karl Bremer Hospital in Cape Town. Picture: AFP

The South African Medical Association (Sama) calls on the public to adhere to social distancing protocols, following the rise of new Covid-19 cases in the country. This came after South Africa recorded more than 5 000 new infections for the sixth consecutive day.

Non-compliance of Covid-19 protocols

Speaking to SABC News, Sama chair Angelique Coetzee expressed concern over people not adhering to Covid-19 regulations. She explains that it’s “going to cost us dearly”.

Coetzee confirmed that the virus is currently spreading rapidly thanks to social gatherings and public transport. Coetzee adds:
That’s why we ask to be stricter over weekends with the curfew. Let’s look at taxis, let’s look at indoor gatherings, funeral and parties.

Coetzee said if people listen, “it wouldn’t be necessary to increase the curfew; none of this would have been necessary if each and everyone just played their part”.

How to curb the spread

Coetzee once again raised the risk of in-person gatherings, in order to arrest the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of your family members it’s important that gatherings only happen with small groups of people, wearing masks, in well-ventilated areas and with everyone maintaining a distance of no less than 1.5m.

“We also welcome the restriction on the number of people at events: 100 people indoors, and 250 outdoors. Although this is a move in the right direction, it’s not enough, and stricter measures need to be in place, especially for indoor gatherings with poor ventilation.”

As of Sunday, South Africa had a Covid-19 caseload 1 696 564, of which 61 557 are active cases. The total death toll currently stands at 56 974, with 45 deaths recorded over the last 24 hours. Gauteng currently has the highest Covid-19 statistics compared to other provinces.