Daleen Naudé
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29 Jun 2021
12:40 pm

Teen ditches mother battling cancer to run off with church youth leader 

Daleen Naudé

She said her daughter joined the youth group of the church and got to know the youth leader there and the two immediately started a relationship.

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A woman from Mpumalanga has been reeling after her daughter ran off with a youth leader from her new church.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said it had not been easy losing her daughter “just like that”.

She is also battling cancer

“I raised my daughter with values ​​and that day she just walked out of my house. Now I am not even allowed to talk to my child.

“I have to talk to the youth leader, who came to pick her up at my house, if I want to say something to her,” she told Middelburg Observer.

The mother said they moved to Mpumalanga from Hartbeespoort Dam last year and joined the church in question. Her daughter was 19 years old at the time.

They started a business together.

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She said her daughter joined the youth group of the church and got to know the youth leader there, and the two immediately started a relationship.

The mother said she received a call from from her house keeper informing her that her daughter was moving out a few weeks ago.

When she got home, she was told the youth leader came to fetch her daughter.

“When my six-year-old twin boys cried and asked where they were going, he told them ‘f… off!’ And they rushed into the house.”

She tried to call her daughter and the youth leader, but they blocked her calls.

Abduction fears

“I thought my child was abducted!”

After that she drove to his house, but even there she was not allowed to enter and could not see her daughter either.

“She just let me know that I have to get on with the business. A business I started with her in Middelburg! ”

Out of desperation, she contacted the pastor of the church, but was shocked by the reaction. At first she could not get hold of him at all, and out of desperation asked another pastor to call him.

“When I arrived with him, he said he did not know me, but I had been in his church for a year and had attended a course with him.

“He also said something insensitive about how I wear my hair, which I wear so short because of the chemotherapy.”

The pastor suggested a meeting with mother and daughter in his office.

“My daughter and I were there, but he did not show up! He only later asked how it went!

“So if there are people who have problems with marital problems and other family problems, then the pastor gives you his office and you have to sort it out yourself.”

She says the few minutes with her daughter were heartbreaking. Her child treated her “like a stranger”.

“She and I had an incredible bond from birth. From two years I raised her alone. She always called me ‘mother’. We were so close, but it’s just gone.”

The woman says she knows her daughter has a sexual relationship with the youth teacher.

“One of my boys made strange movements and I asked him where he saw it. They said my daughter and the youth teacher did it. From that I could deduce that they had sex in my house.”

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She told the pastor she was convinced the youth pastor was having sex with her daughter.

“How can he set an example for other young people and preach to them that they should not do it, but he himself has sex outside of marriage?”

The pastor assured her that they would investigate and have him undergo a lie detector test.

“There are people who bypass those tests. So if he passes the lie detector test, then nothing further is going to be done.

“But not only is he lying to them, our whole family has been torn apart and that is just fine with the church? ”

Her heart breaks not only over her daughter, but also over her boys who cry all the time and ask: “where is sussa?”

She knows the world out there might be looking down on her because biblical values ​​are still so important to her.

“I studied theology and my daughter also completed her first year in theology. She knows what is right and wrong. She always hated smoking, but now she has started smoking Vape with the youth leader. What’s next? ”

“I have broken all ties with the church. The church let me down. I’m afraid of any church… ”

This article was translated from Afrikaans