Hein Kaiser
4 minute read
11 Sep 2021
5:50 am

Vaccine hesitancy may hamper tourism industry’s recovery

Hein Kaiser

Sean Bradley, chief business development officer for major travel group Travelwings, feels that more needs to be done from a communication perspective where leading experts share facts and address fears.

Vaccine hesitancy may hamper tourism industry's recovery

Vaccinations are the only way for the South African tourism industry to recover from the Covid spiral – but the danger is foreign tourists will avoid SA because the jab rate is so low and hesitancy is so high. The maths is simple. Vaccinated and sanitised environments are the only ways to bring back tourists – both local and foreign. The numbers are staggering. The African tourism industry may lose around $250 billion (about R3.5 trillion) this year as a direct result of Covid and in South Africa the picture remains just as bleak with arrival numbers dropping by more...