Marizka Coetzer
2 minute read
5 Oct 2021
6:50 am

Satan has nothing to do with vaccines, says Satanist

Marizka Coetzer

'If you do not trust the vaccine, then why do you trust pills and other medical interventions?' asks Satanist priest

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Satanist Tristan Kapp has shed light on the misinterpretation of the so-called marking of the beast and encourages people to get vaccinated.

Kapp, who has a master’s degree in theology and is currently a PhD student for religious studies at the University of Pretoria, celebrated his 24th birthday by getting his first jab on 20 August.

“I was so excited to get vaccinated that my mother managed to book me an appointment on my birthday. It was quick-quick. I don’t understand why people are reluctant. I fight constantly with conspiracy theorists about the donnerse vaccine,” Kapp said.

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He admitted he initially thought the coronavirus wasn’t that bad until he saw how many people around him were affected and died. He said he has friends who are clinical researchers and has read up a lot about the vaccine to inform himself.

“How selfish would it be of you not to take the vaccine at the end of the day due to misinformation,” Kapp said.

He said people misinterpret the vaccines as the “mark of the beast” based on the book of Revelation in the Bible.

“This is why they believe the vaccine will bring upon new world order,” he said.

“Even Mogoeng Mogoeng peddled with the misperception. I also followed the Mogoeng debacle over ‘devil 666’ anti-vaccine stance closely. It was so frustrating that a person in such a high position, in his professional capacity as chief justice, gets caught up in such bullsh*t.”

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Kapp said the 666 in the original texts is a code because there was no formal mathematics.

“When looking at it from Revelation, it refers to numerological code for the poetic environment of the time and referred to Caesar Nero who ruled in the 7th to 8th century. He had a hatred for Christians and he was known
for crucifying Christians.”

Kapp said if you do not trust the vaccine, the same should be applied for pills. “If you were looking for the devil around each corner, you were bound to find him”.