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11 Oct 2021
7:54 am

New vaccine sites: Here’s where to get the jab today

Cheryl Kahla

The Vooma vaccination drive hopes to get 70% of South Africans vaccinated by December, in order for South Africa to stave off a deadly fourth wave.

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The Gauteng health department updated the list of public vaccination sites with new additions which will be available from today.

With more than 19 million vaccines having been administered as of Sunday – 21,867 during the last 24 hours – it’s time to get your jab.

Workplace pop-up sites

In addition to new sites, the provincial health department also encourages employers to take advantage of workplace pop-up vaccination sites.

The department said employers and organisations may now assist their employees by requesting a pop-up vaccination unit for their office.

“Workplace vaccinations are provided to institutions that have over 50 or more employees yet to get the jab”.

Companies may forward their requests to, or call 0800-22-88-27. When booking a pop-up unit, be sure to follow the guidelines set out here.

Vaccine sites in Gauteng

Don’t forget to take your ID or driver licence, or a police-signed affidavit confirming your identity. You don’t need to register; personnel will capture your details on the EVDS at the site.

Alternatively, register on the official South African Covid-19 Vaccination Programme registration portal, but remember to take your ID to the vaccination site.

A complete list of all Vooma Vaccination sites across the country can be perused here.

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Where to get your vaccine today: