Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
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8 Nov 2021
7:08 am

Stained by blood and theft: Morocco breaking the shackles of a coloniser

Brendan Seery

Ambassador of Saharawi Republic in South Africa says the tide of opinion is turning

A bulldozer passes by a hilltop manned by Moroccan soldiers on a road between Morocco and Mauritania in Guerguerat located in the Western Sahara, on November 23, 2020, after the intervention of the royal Moroccan armed forces in the area. - Morocco in early November accused the Polisario Front of blocking the key highway for trade with the rest of Africa, and launched a military operation to reopen it. (Photo by Fadel SENNA / AFP)

For most South Africans, the judgment handed down at the end of last month by the European Court of Justice will have meant little, if anything. The ruling effectively barred the European Union from concluding a fishing deal with Morocco which would apply to the territory of Western Sahara. That is because the people of the territory were not consulted. This was yet another legal acknowledgement of the rights of the people of the territory which is the stage for what is often called “Africa’s last liberation struggle”. For almost 140 years, the people of the desert lands on the...