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11 Apr 2022
2:01 pm

WATCH: Durban weather – Car floats and bobbles on road in floodwater

Cheryl Kahla

The driver of the hatchback learned a vital life lesson today...

KZN Floods in Toti kwazulu-Natal. Photo: Facebook/

KwaZulu-Natal has been battered by heavy rainfall and floods over the weekend, resulting in road closures across large parts of the provinces.

It’s not safe to drive across a flooded road, and a vehicle can be swept away in less than 30cm of moving waters.

One driver in Amanzimtoti learned this the hard way.

Watch: Vehicle floats in KZN floods

Despite warnings from emergency personnel at the scene, two drivers attempted to cross the road.

While the Fortuner made it across, the driver of the hatchback didn’t quite make it to the other side.

Durban weather warning

Meanwhile, the South African Weather Service (Saws) issued orange level 5 warnings for widespread showers and heavy rainfall over the eastern parts of the province.

“Significant amounts of rainfall already observed in areas along the coast and reports of flooding on roads. Disruptive rain is still expected to persist throughout the day”, the service said.

The weather warning includes the following impacts:

  • Flooding of roads, settlements and bridges
  • Danger to life (both human and livestock) as a result of fast-flowing streams
  • Damage to infrastructure
  • Vehicle accidents due to slippery roads and poor visibility
  • Disruption of schools
  • Soil erosion, mudslides and rockfalls

In addition to the above, yellow level 2 warnings were issued for Durban weather as well: heavy rainfall, mudslides and harsh driving conditions over the midlands and northern parts of KZN.

Road safety measures

It’s vital to maintain a safe following distance and to reduce speed during wet weather conditions.

Motorists should avoid crossing roads and bridges (especially man-made bridges) in low-lying areas prone to flooding.

It’s vital to remember wet weather conditions reduce visibility, steering ability and traction; and increases the time and space required to bring a vehicle to a complete stop.

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