Michelle Loewenstein
1 minute read
19 Aug 2015
4:51 pm

New online entertainment service launched

Michelle Loewenstein

Naspers today launched an online video service which promises to bring "every actor ever" to South African screens.

Naspers launched an online video service Show Max.

“The world is changing. Broadband is exploding. There is a lot of investment in fibre in SA,” General Manager Show Max South Africa John Kotsaftis.

The launch, which saw Darth Vader take on John Snow in a humorous battle, promo-ed shows like Shameless, Game of Thrones and Friends, as well as local entertainment, British favourites and movies of various genres. Kotsaftis stated that the platform will offer over 11 000 hours of viewing.

“We live and die by the content,” he says.

Show Max will be available on android as well as IOS devices. It will set you back R99 per month.