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By Karabo Motsiri Mokoena

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6 interactive games you can play with your toddler

In as muchas toddlers need to establish themselves as independent, they need their hands held now and again.

Toddlers are small but very fascinating humans. This phase of their lives is filled with “no” and why, and a lot of exploration. At this stage, they are learning to walk, run, jump, climb on things, talk and be socially interactive.

Your toddler should also be learning some key skills and reaching important developmental milestones at this point. These

They are also very independent and are more aware of themselves and love exploring their surroundings. Like their smaller counterparts, they achieve this exploration through play.

Parents can help guide them by playing interactively with them through these 5 games.

1 Color sorting

This is a great time for your toddler to learn about different colors. You can either use small balls or blocks. Place different buckets, and call out different colors as he/she places them in the designated container.


-Hand-eye coordination
-Naming and labeling colors

2 Simon says

This is an entertaining game where mom and dad could be Simon, and give out a command that the kid must follow. It could be anything like “Simon says close your eyes” or “Simon says sit down”. It is fascinating to witness kids developing comprehension and being able to take instruction.


-Language comprehension
-Taking instructions

3 Finger painting

Yes, I know, messy!

You can try to make it as neat as possible, but it provides hours of fun and helps with your toddler’s development.


-Develops sensory skills

4 Obstacle course

Use your child’s building blocks and extra toys to build an obstacle course and watch them trying to navigate mobile toys like a toy truck.


-Fine motor skills (Muscle movements involving hands and fingers)
-Hand-eye coordination

5 Water cups

Give your child a few plastic cups and watch them pouring water into the cups using small jug. Repeat this when the jug is finished. Your child will steadily try and pour water into these cups. It will be messy, but the benefits are more valuable than changing an outfit.


-Hand-eye coordination
-Hand balance
-Fine motor skills

6 Soccer

By the age of two, your toddler should be able to kick around the ball. Some parents probably have soccer player aspirations for their kids and started them on this sport quite early. But playing soccer is not just about them turning pro, it also plays a big role in their physical and cognitive development


-Fine motor skills

In as much as toddlers need to establish themselves as independent, they need their hands held now and again. This is why interactive play is so important for children. They learn how to navigate the world, and we don’t miss a beat.

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