Gareth Woods
1 minute read
24 Nov 2013
7:20 pm

PS4 now fastest selling console in history

Gareth Woods

Perhaps taking first blood in the latest stage of the console wars, the PlayStation 4 has reportedly already sold 1 million units in North America in its first 24 hours since release.

These sales figures are better than expected according to analysts and have already seen Sony’s share price grow 0.7 percent. This is an amazing start considering these are recorded sales in only one region and, since Japan is Sony’s backyard, one can expect a large volume of sales to come from there when it launches early next year. Sony have explained that the reason for the delayed launch in Japan is due to a lack of Japanese based games being available at the time of the US launch.

The PS4 has not only out sold its predecessor, the PS3, in opening day sales (which sold only 197,000 copies in North America in its first month), but has taken the title of fastest selling console from previous record holder, the Sega Dreamcast.

Of course, as the Sega Dreamcast will know, opening day sales and long term dominance are very separate challenges, and it is yet to be seen whether Sony will be able to keep up with demand, especially through the December peak sales period. Although competitors Microsoft wished Sony well on the launch of the PS4, all eyes will be on them as they launch their new contender, the Xbox One, this week.




This article first appeared on NAGonline