Daily hacks: Ways to keep cool in your home during the super hot days

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It’s about to reach ridiculous levels of heat this summer, and it would be best to have some solutions on how to keep cool at all times in your home.

Air conditioners and electric fans usually work the best to cool down larger areas of your home, but we have picked out a few easy and simple ways to keep your home cool during the summer on a budget.

Point your fan outside your window

Open a window in the room you would like to cool down in your home. Move to a different room located across the one you are trying to cool down, and open the window of that room.

Place a fan in that opposite facing room, ensuring that the fan is facing outside the window.

The fan will blow the warm air out of the house and create a low pressure system in the house, which should send cool air into the room and across the house into the room you would like to cool down.


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Chill your bedding

Tamika has shared a hack on how to keep cool while sleeping in the summer without making use of any electricity or electric appliances.

She simply chills her sheets by placing them into plastics and into the freezer for an hour or two.

This will ensure that her bedding is cool throughout the night, and ensure that her body temperature is also kept cool while she is sleeping.


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Using ice and a fan to create an AC effect

Stuart Robinson has shared a hack on how he creates the cooling effect of an air conditioner in his home making use of ice and a simple fan.

In the video, he starts off by taking out his small fan and a large glass bowl.

He fills up the glass bowl with ice and places it right in front of his fan.

The fan will blow the cold vapour from the ice into the room and will circulate the cool air into your room to cool down the hot room.


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