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Department of health encourages pregnant women to get flu vaccine

Department says pregnant women, elderly, and healthcare workers should get vaccinated as a precaution.

In an interview with eNCA the department of health expressed that they would like people from these vulnerable groups in particular to get the flu vaccine.

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During the interview department of health’s Director-General Dr Yogan Pillay explained: “Like those that are over sixty-five years of age to get additional protection through the flu vaccine. Health care workers, we are suggesting that all health care workers, especially those working on the frontline and those that are seeing patients with other respiratory conditions should get a vaccine.”

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“Those with cardiovascular diseases and those with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. Pregnant women are also vulnerable so we’d like them to get vaccinated. And those that are immunocompromised such as HIV positive people. This is the list of people that we are especially asking to get a flu vaccine,” added Pillay.

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