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By Itumeleng Mafisa

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Did the DA pull a fast one on the ANC? Leaders labelled ‘intellectually deficient’

Has the ANC lost its great intelectualism and ideological abilities ?

The African National Congress (ANC) has been accused of allegedly failing to correctly interpret the statement of intent signed by parties that are part of the Government of National Unity (GNU).    

On Tuesday, ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula was corrected by DA federal chairperson Helen Zille on several clauses of the agreement during an interview on the SABC’s Face The Nation.

The Citizen understands that the GNU contract was negotiated for days with parties from the ANC, DA and IFP putting their best negotiators forward to get the country a solid deal in the interest of all South Africans.

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Did the ANC read the GNU contract

But political analyst professor Sipho Seepe said the ANC had not presented a strong negotiation team to ensure their constituency is represented in the GNU.

The ANC negotiation team included deputy secretary general Nomvula Mokonyane, secretary-general Fikile Mbalula, chairperson Gwende Mantashe, and NEC member Nkenke Kekana.

“We should not beat around the bush, the ANC’s leadership is largely intellectually deficient. So it should not come as a surprise that they cannot even read the same document that they signed,” Seepe told The Citizen.

Seepe said the ANC in the past was rooted in intellectualism and strong ideological debates. He said all of that has changed with the party being unable to implement its own policies over the years.

“These are people who have been parachuted into positions without any intellect. Unfortunately, money will not make you any more intelligent than you are,” he said.

Seepe said the ANC should realise it is tied to the hip with the DA and the IFP since no party had won the elections with an overwhelming majority.

“The ANC departs from a mistaken belief that it is being generous in forming a Government of National Unity (GNU). It’s an attempt to camouflage its calamitous loss. The DA has entered this with a clear understanding that the ANC has not won elections,” Seepe said.

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At least six parties have joined the GNU, including the PA, PAC and the Good Party, with more parties expected to join the formation over the next few days.

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