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Here’s how to prevent the stigmatision of children of Covid-19 patients

Now's the time to be supportive.

Even though coronavirus doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who is at risk for contracting the disease, unfortunately there are many cases being reported of Covid-19 patients and their children being discriminated against. According to Mayo Clinic, the American not-for-profit organization academic medical center, ” Research from past epidemics has shown that stigma undermines efforts to test for and treat disease. People who are worried about being shunned or worse may be less likely to get tested or seek medical care, which increases infection risks for them and for others.”

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Here’s how to we can all work to support families and children who find themselves in this situation :

Only share facts about Covid-19

Stigma and the people who spread it often do so using false and inaccurate information. Counter heir efforts by only sharing information about the disease that is factual and from credible sources.

Speak up when you see discrimination

Often the people who discriminate are enabled by the inaction of those around them- witnessing the discrimination. Make sure that you speak up about those discriminating against Covid patients and their families.

Reach out to those are being discriminated against

Be clear in where you stand by reaching out and offering your support to the kids and families of those patients who are being discriminated against.

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Remember we’re all in this together

Remind all around you that all of us are at risk for contracting this virus and that no one is immune. Therefore if anyone is discriminating against a family or a child dealing with the virus, they must be cognisant that they may also experience this discrimination should their family also be affected by the virus.

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