Man designs first trike motor car

Unemployment has forced to him to think out of the box.

Lacking and unemployment have inspired innovation and creativity from Mr Abby Mabena, who has designed his first trike motor car in Mpumalanga, Ridge Times reports.

He used as an opportunity to think outside the box and to develop entrepreneurial skills.

In the township, he was known as the man who installed security doors and windows, but that has changed since his trike motor car has put him in the limelight.

He said the idea came after many years of struggle, especially to transport his tools to wherever he had to go.

“I began by using a small cart to transport the tools, but one day I thought of designing something that is automotive. I looked for old motorcycle parts and fortunately managed to get some from two motorcycles. I then began to build this wonderful toy of mine and was actually shocked with the end result.”

This trike motor car has three wheels, two engines, four seats and uses petrol.

The 45-year-old father of four children was born and raised in eMbalenhle, and said he was now looking for more help to develop this idea.

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Mr Mabena is now working on improving the interior and uses an office seat for the driver’s seat and old car seats for the passenger seats. He will then focus on the exterior, which will include painting.

He depends a lot on favours from friends and family to lend him tools and the machinery, as he has no startup money for his project.

“It is not easy, but I love what I am doing and I believe I will benefit from it one day. I just need a little assistance from good Samaritans out there.”

Mr Mabena said another challenge is that he has to register his trike motor car with the Department of Transport and he does not know where to begin.

“This is very problematic, because the other day I was driving around with my children and nearly got arrested because the car is not registered.

“I was embarrassed in the presence of my kids, but I learned that day. Those are things I need help for.”

Mr Mabena dreams of designing other trike vehicles, and trusts in God and good people to help him realise his dreams.


– Caxton News Service

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