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Mi Casa reach platinum status

Local super-group Mi Casa has just broken platinum sales on their second album 'Su Casa'. This comes off the back of just one single release.

The release is the popular house anthem ‘Jika’. It was the most played song on radio for 13 weeks and counting.

Although having been released for almost 5 months, the strength of the single doesn’t seem to be dying down.

Having topped charts across most local stations as well as on BBC Radio 1 Xtra in the UK, the craze that it spawned has continued to keep dance floors alight and has resulted in a national competition that was launched across various digital platforms, MIO reports.

Having just come off their African tour that took them to Nigeria, Tanzania, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Botswana, these platinum stars are reportedly that they are “ecstatic” to be able to enjoy this success so soon after the release of the album.

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