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New study shows that teens and tweens spread Covid-19 faster

As the world continues to learn about this virus, new research has come to light.

According to a Bloomberg article, a new Korean study shows that older children spread coronavirus more than younger children.

The study was conducted amongst 5 706 patients in South Korea. This means that in a household, younger children are less likely to spread Covid-19.

Out of 60 000 patients who were tested for the virus, 18.6% tested positive for the virus within 10 days of being in contact with another patient. This happened in a household that had one person between the ages of 10-19 years.

The infections in a household with no older children were 11.8%, which is less than a household with older children.

“The South Korean study suggests that older children may be particularly contagious, although the researchers point out that household contacts could have contracted the virus elsewhere,” according to Bloomberg.

This research surfaces during a time where the debate surrounding the reopening of schools is at an ultimate high.

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