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26 Apr 2017
1:00 pm

Teen couple commits suicide after posting suicide note on Facebook

Citizen Reporter

After being forbidden to attend his girlfriend's funeral, the 17-year-old teenager also committed suicide.


The Facebook streets have been left in shock after a teenage couple from Cincinnati, Ohio, reportedly committed suicide just a few days apart.

According to reports, 17-year-old Markeice Brown committed suicide following girlfriend Mercedes’ death last week.

Reports claim that Mercedes’ friends believed that Markeice believed that he contributed to his girlfriend’s suicide and started harassing him online, which pushed him to commit suicide. However, others on Facebook who claim to know what happened say Mercedes found out she was pregnant and told her family, who were not impressed with the news.

They allegedly blamed the boyfriend and forced her to leave him, leading to her suicide. After her death, the family apparently blamed the boyfriend for their daughter’s death and allegedly forbade him from attending her funeral, so he also committed suicide.

According to Markeice’s alleged post on Facebook, he said was he was devastated over the death of his wife. He said he had spoken to her the night before her death, but she did not tell him anything about her intentions.

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According to Markeice’s alleged suicide note on Facebook, he said some might say he took the easy way out, though the same people never checked on him to see if he was okay after his girlfriend’s death.

According to him, she committed suicide because she thought everyone would criticise her for her pregnancy. “That baby brought us so much joy. She told me she was pregnant on my birthday, I was happy but I was also lost for words.”

He said he his only mistake was asking another girl out on a date after she told him she was pregnant, “but that’s all I did, I apologised about it, and I did whatever I had to do to make it up,” he said.

The two used to tell each other they hated life and everything in it but would also say they “would go out together”.

After Mercedes committed suicide and he was not allowed at her funeral, he decided to “go see her myself”.

Tribute Facebook pages have since been opened for the couple, with friends and family posting their condolences.

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