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23 Aug 2018
2:57 pm

Azealia Banks demands Elon Musk return her phone

Citizen Reporter

Banks has made claims that the Tesla CEO has her phone and has threatened to add police.

Azealia Banks. Image: AzealiaNews/Twitter

United States singer and songwriter Azealia Banks has taken to social media to demand Elon Musk return her phone.

In a series of bizarre Instagram posts Banks claimed Musk’s attorney had her phone and detailed evidence of an encounter at Musk’s home earlier in August.

The songstress is even claiming that the situation was a “f**king mess” alleging that Musk has deleted his Instagram account, according to a report by Business Insider.

Banks has created controversy around the world, by refusing to divulge why Musk might want her phone, while simultaneously threatening to get the police involved.

Banks claims she spent a weekend at Musk’s Los Angeles home to collaborate with his girlfriend, Grimes.  It was then she alleges that she overheard Musk on a phone call with investors instructing them to“cover his ass,” for stating that he had secured funding to take Tesla private.

Both Musk and his legal team deny the allegation that they have her phone.

In a statement on Tesla’s website Musk claimed he used the phrase ‘funding secured” to indicate that there was no question that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund would provide funding to convert Tesla into a private company.

The report from Business Insider suggests the rapper was at the Tesla CEOs house in Los Angeles from Friday and she left on Sunday night.