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8 Aug 2018
5:20 pm

WATCH: Car wash employee trashes customer’s car with worst driving ever

Citizen Reporter

A car-wash employee in Namibia may leave prospective customers questioning whether they should hand over the keys to their vehicle.

Picture: Pexals / Pixabay.

A car wash employee managed to cause a car crash in Walvis Bay, Namibia with what some on social media are calling the worst driving ever.

The employee, driving a customer’s Toyota Fortuner, was just trying to move the car from the drying station to the polishing station, according to Jacaranda News.

Instead, the hapless car washer swerved into traffic, losing control of the car and crashing into two vehicles at an intersection, damaging at least one other car in the process, as well as causing significant damage to the Fortuner itself.

People on Facebook, where the clip posted by Namib Times has garnered almost fifty thousand views, have questioned whether the employee had a valid driver’s license and have called for both the owner of the business and the employee, who may have experienced the worst day at work of his career, to face disciplinary action.

Three vehicles damaged in an unprecedented incident by a car wash worker with no idea how to drive an automatic car. This happened this morning at 11:30, at a car wash opposite Woermann & Brock in Walvis Bay. The worker tried to reverse the car which came in for a wash, out of the driving bay, when he reversed into the intersection of Hage Geingob and Rikumbi Kandanga (13th road), slamming into two cars and a building, before going forward, back over the intersection towards the petrol pumps where he came to a standstill.

Posted by Namib Times on Saturday, 28 July 2018