Tshepo Ntsoelengoe
Football Writer
2 minute read
23 Aug 2019
5:06 pm

Micho’s departure left Pirates fans reeling with disbelief

Tshepo Ntsoelengoe

I think sometimes some people tend to take football fans for granted and never really consider their feelings when they take some decisions.

Micho Sredojevic, former coach of Orlando Pirates will be back in court in May. :Photo by Philip Maeta/Gallo Images.

The hurt and betrayal that football lovers have to take and digest, when their favourite teams, players and coaches disappoint them, is quite difficult to describe. These people invest a lot in football by buying their respective club merchandise, travelling to stadiums and follow everything about their teams. Entlek, let me not beat around the bush and go straight to my initial subject which in this case is the sudden, most shocking and most hurtful resignation of Micho Sredojevic as Orlando Pirates coach to the club’s fans. Earlier this week, I was on queue in Shoptite and I overheard a...