Mukoni Ratshitanga
5 minute read
6 Sep 2019
12:24 am

Only we shall brand SA

Mukoni Ratshitanga

An important discussion took place on the sidelines of the 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) Africa meeting in Cape Town this week.

Mukoni Ratshitanga.

Convened by Brand South Africa under the theme: “Enhancing the ease of doing business in South Africa,” the organisers sought to exercise the minds of panellists and participants on ways of “Improving the competitiveness of the South African nation brand”. A vast and expansive subject, the discussion was a short-hand metaphor for the intricate and tortuous work that the country must undertake to respond to the plethora of challenges ranging from unemployment, poverty, inequality and our self and external image. There are two striking notables about the discussion. The one is its sheer importance in a national climate that does...