Martin Williams
3 minute read
25 Sep 2019
6:25 am

Why #I’mStaying, despite Cyril

Martin Williams

In the face of such doom and gloom, the new Facebook group, #I’mStaying, is a welcome antidote.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, 22 August 2019. Picture: Gallo Images

Faced with a shrinking income tax base, President Cyril Ramaphosa should encourage skilled, wealthy people not to leave the country. Instead, he does the opposite. Speaking at a Robert Mugabe memorial service in Pietermaritzburg on Friday, Ramaphosa said the ANC would always be on Zanu-PF’s side, and South Africans must “derive great lessons” from Mugabe’s life. Great lessons indeed. Mugabe showed how to bankrupt a mineral-rich country that was once a breadbasket of Africa. Mugabe turned it into a basket case. He conducted master classes in the enrichment of a brutal, kleptocratic elite at the expense the poor, including millions...