Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
28 Sep 2019
6:40 am

Orchids and Onions – Miway do it their way

Brendan Seery

Miway's campaign puts a clever spin on a 'grudge purchase', while the Heritage Day ad using spice bottles to create our flag earns Robertson’s an Orchid.

There are probably few products or services which are more of a “grudge” purchase than short-term insurance. But in South Africa, we must have – if we want to have any sort of peace of mind in our crime-ridden country – insurance on our vehicles, our houses, the content of our houses, our electronic equipment. So if you’re selling a product nobody wants, but everybody needs, how do you go about it? Quite a few short-term insurers push the price factor heavily, knowing that, in these tough financial times, that is often the prime consideration for insurance buyers. Miway has...